Cashbook Solutions

Coastal Accounting will find you the best accounting solution for your business.  Your business does not have to be GST registered to have a great accounting system, we have solutions to meet all types of business needs.

We will choose the complete solution to assist you with your Inland Revenue filing requirements and to help assist us with the preparation of your annual financial statements and tax returns.  Training with you is important to us, if you understand your solution, this will not only save you time but will save you money.

The cloud based solutions make it easy for us to log in and see what you can see.  Web-based  accounting also means there is no software installation or manual updates required as the cashbook provider does this at their end.   This also means you can log into your cashbook anywhere at anytime as long as there is an internet connection.  We recommend either MYOB Essentials or Xero.

Bank transactions can also be fed automatically into your cashbook which saves time and accuracy.

If you require invoicing in your business, this feature is very simple to use alongside the statements, is great for cash flow.  You can email invoices and statements as a PDF, or print and post to your customers.

GST filing at the Inland Revenue has never been simpler with the IR-File login.  The cashbook solutions will make filing your returns even quicker and much easier using your Inland Revenue login.

PAYE has never been easier to manage.  All leave and payroll obligations are part of the payroll option and filing your returns with the Inland Revenue are super quick.

There are also great supporting applications that can be downloaded to your smartphone so you can view customer contacts and account balances.

Web based solutions start as from as little as $21 per month.  Depending on your Inland Revenue obligations, will depend on the package and the price.  We charge training as a one off start up cost.

If the cloud is not an option for you, we can still assist you with your accounting system whether it be software based or paper based.  We have many versions of software based accounting packages and if you prefer to give us paper, that is fine by us too.

Contact us anytime if you would like to discuss your existing accounting system with us and if you would like to consider a change or if you are starting up a business and need an accounting solution.  You can email office@coastalaccounting or phone us on 09 4353426.